Working Groups have been set up by the council to deal with specific projects in the parishes, in most cases there is a representative from each parish on each group, the group co opts members as necessary. The working groups report back to the council at full council meetings.

Terms of reference have been set up for each group click on working name to view these documents.

Working Groups and Terms of Reference


Planning & Development

Terms of Reference

John Coombe, Cate Killoch, Kevin Donnelly and Sue Weeden

Recreation and Allotments

Terms of Reference

Marsha White, Ian White, Sue Weeden, Ruth Chipp-Marshall, Sharon Murdoch, Cate Killoch, Mark Hardway

Emergency Planning

Terms of Reference

Ian White, Marsha White, Kevin Donnelly, Cate Killoch

Mobile and Communications

Terms of Reference

Michele Harding, Marsha White, Cate Killoch, Kevin Donnelly and Ian White

Finance & General Purposes group

Terms of Reference

The Parish Chairs at that time

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Derek Troughton, Martin Pearson, John Coombe, Karen Kennedy, Michele Harding, Peter Begley, Mark Hardway, Ruth Chipp-Marshall, Stewart Bayram, Graham Whitby

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