The Group Council meets on the first Monday of every month except August and January. Meetings commence at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.

(This may be subject to change please see updates below)

Meeting dates and Councillor Contacts

3rd October 2022 Langton Herring

7th November 2022 Abbotsbury

5th December 2022 Portesham (refreshments)

9th January 2023- Portesham (if required)

6th February 2023- Langton Herring

6th March 2023- Abbotsbury

3rd April 2023- Portesham

8th May 2023-Fleet

Parish Meetings

Each parish holds their own Parish meetings.

Abbotsbury and Portesham hold quarterly meetings if required, Langton Herring meet twice a year and Fleet meet annually.

Meeting documents

Below you will find links to the Agenda, Minutes, Finance, Correspondence and planning meeting papers for the Parish Council meetings.

October 2022

Parish Council meeting at Langton Herring village hall to commence at 7.30pm

September 2022

Parish Council meeting at Strangways Hall, Abbotsbury to commence at 7.30pm

August 2022

Extraordinary Parish Council meeting at Methodist Hall Portesham to commence at 7.30pm

July 2022

Parish Council meeting at Fleet Church to commence at 7.30pm

June 2022

Parish Council meeting at Langton Herring Village Hall to commence at 7.30pm

May 2022

Annual Parish Council meeting at Portesham Village Hall to commence at 7.45pm

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January 2021- Extraordinary meeting

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