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The Group Council meets on the first Monday of every month except August and January.

Meetings commence at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Village halls

The Parish Council hold their meetings in the Portesham, Abbotsbury and Langton Herring village halls as Fleet does not have a village hall the parish council meet at Moonfleet Manor.

Agendas, Minutes, Finance and Correspondence reports

Parish Meetings

Each parish holds their own Parish meetings.

Abbotsbury and Portesham hold quarterly meetings, Langton Herring meet twice a year and Fleet meet annually.

To raise an issue for discussion at a parish meeting please contact your local parish councillor.




Planning and Correspondence

September  Agenda

July Agenda

July Minutes

July Planning and Correspondence

June meeting

June Minutes

June Finance report

June Correspondence & Planning

Annual PC meeting-

13th May

May Minutes

Finance report May 2019

Annual Return Part 1

Annual Return Part 2

Internal Audit

Bank reconciliation

Correspondence and planning



Langton Herring


8th April PC meeting

29th April Extraordinary meeting

Year end report and April payments

Budget V Actual to 31-03-19

April correspondence/



Mar mins

Mar Finance

March Correspondence & Planning consultations


Feb mins

Feb Finance

Jan/Feb Correspondence

Langton Herring Planning

Abbotsbury Planning

Portesham Planning

Fleet planning

January extra ordinary meeting

Jan mins

Jan Finance


Dec mins

Dec Finance

Dec Correspondence

Abbotsbury Planning

Portesham Planning

Fleet Planning

Langton Herring planning


Nov mins

Nov Finance

Precept/Budget report

F & GP notes

Financial Risk Assessment

Statement of Assurance

Allotment rents

Cemetery Fees


October 2018

Langton Herring

Oct Draft mins

Oct Finance


September 2018-


Sept mins

Aug Finance

Sept Finance

External Audit Completion

AGAR 2017-18

External audit 2017-18


Portesham Planning

Abbotsbury Planning

July 2018- Abbotsbury

July Mins

July Finance

July Correspondence

Portesham Planning

Abbotsbury Planning

June 2018- Langton Herring

June Mins

June Finance

June Correspondence

Portesham Planning

May 2018- Portesham

Annual PC meeting

May Mins

May Finance

See Annual finance docs below

May Correspondence

Portesham planning

Abbotsbury Planning

Fleet Planning

Langton Herring

April 2018- Fleet

April Minutes

Apr Finance

Abb Planning

Fleet PLanning

LH Planning

Portesham Planning

Apr Correspondence

Mar 2018- Abbotsbury

Mar 18 Mins

Mar Finance

Mar Correspondence

Mar Planning list

Feb 2018- Langton Herring

Feb 18 Mins

Feb Finance

Feb Correspondence

Dec 2017- Portesham

Dec 17 Mins

Dec Finance

Dec Correspondence

Nov 2017

Nov 17 Mins

Nov Finance

Nov Correspondence

Oct 2017

Oct 17 Mins

Oct Finance

Oct Correspondence

Sept 2017

Sept 17 Minutes

Sept Finance

Sept Correspondence

July 2017

July 17 minutes

July Finance

Jul Correspondence


To obtain copies of previous

Minutes or documents please contact the clerk

Contact the council: The Clerk to the Council

West Elworth Farm, Portesham, Weymouth, Dorset. DT3 4HF

Tel: 07814 016971 Email:

Annual Accounts 2017-18

Annual return 2017-18

Bank rec


Rights of electors